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As someone who studied transportation in US, I congratulate you on writing such a thought-provoking piece. In the US or any other developed nation, a toll road can only be made if there is a free alternative (though a bit slower in speed) available. It addresses the core point of transport equity in policymaking.

On the other hand, we in India do see a regular congratulatory message on building X km on-road/expressway daily. Though building these are also necessary given the shoddy state of infrastructure in the country. We already have one of the highest road modal shares (which btw is far expensive) in the world. In my opinion, the focus should be to leverage the dense railway network and increase the speed ( a minimum of 200km/hr). For the freight transport, inland water transport should be explored and DFC should be built on a war footing. For urban transport, at least top 100 cities should have a very reliable metro and bus system, complemented by last mile EVs.

Regarding the mega administrative reforms, I concur with your pointers. GIve local leaders incentive to do things and we might be lucky to see better cities in the country.

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Thanks Vivek - you are absolutely correct - We need super dense railway network with zero waiting list but then its a central govt subject.

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Stop blaming others blame your self for selfish way of your demands adminstration is ment to govern not to have benifits for self

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